On-site instrumentation personnel

Job nature: full-time

Number of people required: 1 person

Job categories: automatic control engineer, production equipment engineer, electrical engineering technician

Job Description:

1. Installation, testing, improvement, maintenance, and debugging of various automatic control systems to meet specific needs.
2. Can PLC priority admission.
3. Able to cooperate with those who work overtime for emergency repairs.

Salary : 26,000 to 32,000 yuan per month

Work location: No. 24, Beishizhou, Mingheli, Shanshang District, Tainan City (in the Shanshang Industrial Park)

Management Responsibility: No need to bear management responsibility

Business Trip: No need to travel

Working Time: Day shift, Evening shift, shift shift

Holiday System: Two Days Off Every Week

Working Conditions

Accepted Status: Office Workers

Work Experience : Any

Education Requirements : College or Above

Department Requirements : Related to electrical and electronic engineering, related to mechanical engineering, related to mechanical maintenance

How To Apply:

Job contact person: Miss Wu

Position E-mail: hr@taiwanlm.com