Environmental Protection

No Need To Cut Down Trees

Modern papermaking needs to beat wood into wood pulp and go through complicated processes to complete the production of paper. On average, one ton of wood pulp paper needs to cut down 20 trees. The more wood pulp paper is used, the more trees will be cut down. In contrast, in just a few decades, Longmeng has developed how to make a series of paper products without cutting down trees, breaking through the papermaking technology for thousands of years!

Natural resources are limited, and a large amount of consumption will bring about severe climate change. I believe that Longmeng's new papermaking technology can not only provide you with another choice, but also relieve the destruction of tropical rainforests. Presumably the new technology will bring Give us a brighter future!

Protect Water Resources

With a strong awareness of environmental protection, Longmeng invented the environmentally friendly papermaking technology. Compared with traditional wood pulp and papermaking, the manufacturing process of Longmeng environmentally friendly paper products only needs a small amount of water for cooling and circulation. It does not need to use chemicals such as strong acid, strong alkali, bleach, etc., so it will not discharge a large amount of waste water. Of course, do not pollute rivers and seas, and do our best to protect the water resources on the earth!

No Exhaust

Longmeng's insistence on environmental protection is not only reflected in the protection of water resources, but also does not emit waste gas during the manufacturing process. We firmly believe that not creating pollution is more important and more effective than preventing pollution.