Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Longmeng stone paper composite materials are used to replace cultural paper, craft paper, packaging paper, household paper, etc., with good mechanical properties, waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-proof, oil-resistant, non-toxic paper and environmental protection products used in various paper research and development Designing different product applications has great market opportunities.

The main competitiveness is (under the same production capacity as wood pulp and paper mills):

  1. Raw materials that are 50% lower than wood pulp paper and

  2. 50% lower investment cost than wood pulp paper

It is expected to replace 20% (80 million tons) of the global wood pulp paper market with an annual output of 400 million tons. Based on a conservative estimate of NT$30,000 per ton, the market output value can be as high as NT$2.4 trillion. Stone papermaking technology has gradually matured and continued to innovate. This year (2019), in conjunction with the Industry Bureau, a subsidy of 24.51 million Taiwan dollars for intelligence will further innovate the third-generation manufacturing process and equip it with intelligence, so that production capacity, quality, and market applications can be further expanded.