Philosophy and Vision

Lungmeng adheres to the business philosophy of "professionalism", "quality", "responsibility", "safety", "environmental protection" and innovation.

Focusing on the manufacture of environmentally friendly paper, strengthen cooperation with countries around the world

Grow into a global business that drastically reduces deforestation

Maintain the natural ecological environment.

 Development Path

Since 1990, the R&D team of Longmeng Technology has invested a lot of manpower and material resources and experienced countless setbacks. After decades, it finally successfully developed a large amount of inorganic mineral powder (stone powder) and a small amount of plastic to manufacture wood pulp paper. New paper with similar functions, this process does not cut down trees at all, uses a small amount of water, and does not emit waste gas. It is a more environmentally friendly manufacturing method. We collectively call this new material "Longmeng Environmentally Friendly Paper" or "Longmeng Paper" for short. "Stone Paper" has obtained a number of manufacturing technology patents and new product design patents, and has obtained certifications from international organizations such as Cradle to Cradle, German Red Dot Design, etc.

In order to fully produce "Longmeng Environmental Protection Paper", "Taiwan Longmeng Composite Materials Co., Ltd." was specially established. In August 1998, the company was set up to purchase the factory, build the factory building, purchase equipment, test run..., and put into mass production so far. , "Longmeng environmental protection paper" with high quality and low price.