Stone corrugated cardboard box-Stone Composite Corrugated Box

The home economy exploded, and Taiwan ’s online shopping used more than 100 million packaging boxes (bags) a year, generating 18,000 tons of packaging garbage. In order to prevent the excessive waste of online shopping packaging, through creative thinking, create a new environmental protection packaging system.

💎 Applicable to the printing method of waterproof stone corrugated material💎 

Simply put, the printing methods suitable for PP hollow plates are suitable for waterproof stone corrugated materials! 

The corrugated cardboard made of stone composite materials (stone paper), which is made into a autumn saury box, which can replace the cold chain corrugated carton. The film is the actual result of testing the actual exit to return to Hong Kong! 

For vegetables, fruit boxes, stone corrugated cartons are not afraid of tapes, and damaged. And can be folded and stored after cleaning, not afraid of insects and other breeding. When you need it, you can fold it into a box. Can be reused (Reuse) in the consumer segment, which is more protected to the environment.