Taiwan Lung Meng Advanced Composite Materials (TLM) adheres to the principles of "professionalism", "quality", "responsibility", "safety", "environmental protection" and innovation.

Via Stone Composite Materials (SCM) manufacturing technology, we strengthen our collaboration with countries around the world.

Development into a global enterprise,

Maintain the ecological environment of nature.



Since 1990, TLM's steadfast commitment and sheer perseverance in spite of innumerable setbacks finally culminated in the discovery of a unique papermaking technology – one which supersedes the traditional method of using wood pulp – to produce a truly unique and eco-friendly tree-free paper.   With characteristic ingenuity, LM's "stone-papermaking methods" differs from "wood pulp papermaking methods" via the exclusive employment of a blend of mineral powder and a small infusion of non-toxic resin. Indeed, our papers are manufactured without the need to fell trees, without water pollution and without harmful gaseous wastes.   We refer to this new material collectively as "Lungmeng Environmental Paper" or "Lungmeng Paper" for short. "Stone paper" has also obtained a number of manufacturing technology patents and product new design patents, and has obtained cradle to cradle, German red dot design... etc. international organizations certification.