On -site instrument staff

Job nature: full -time

Number of demand: 1

Vocational category: Automatic control engineer, production equipment engineer, motor engineering technician

Job description:

1. Installation of various automatic control systems. Test. Improvement. Maintenance. Maintenance.
2. PLC will give priority to admission.
3. Can cooperate with those who repairs overtime.

Work treatment: Monthly salary26,000 yuan ~ 32,000 yuan

Work location: No. 24 and No. 24, Libei, Shan Shang District, Tainan City (in the Industrial Zone of Shan Shang)

Management responsibility:No need to afford management responsibilities

Missing factions:No business travel

Working time:Japanese classes, evening shifts, shifts

Holiday System: Week off

Working conditions

Accepting identity: office workers

work experienceInformal

Academic requirementsAbove university

Department of Science: Electrical engineering related, mechanical engineering related, mechanical maintenance -related related

Application method:

Labor contact: Miss Wu

Job E-mail: hr@taiwanlm.com